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Baker's Instant Dry Yeast

Baker's Instant Dry Yeast is an instant active dry yeast for bread-baking. It is a kind of free-streamlined strip-shaped granule with the diameter being 0.35-0.38MM.
It needs temperature control and air drying and is cultivated purely by natural yeast. The constituents include Baker's Instant Dry Yeast and emulsifier.

1. Low sugar
2. High sugar

Brand Name
1. A-ONE
3. Brand name proposed by the customer (offer the registration certificate of that brand name)

Quality Criterion
Reach the People's Republic of China's standard on yeast for food processing.

Country of Origin

Baker's Instant Dry Yeast is exclusively used for the fermentation of dough. The sugar content of low sugar dough is 0-7% of its gross weight and the sugar content of high sugar dough is 7-18% of its gross weight.

How to use
First, put the Baker's Instant Dry Yeast into warm water, about 35℃-38℃, then pour it into the powder after its dissolution. Instead, you can directly mix the yeast with powder uniformly. Second, add moderate warm water and knead the powder into dough for fermentation. The most appropriate fermentation temperature is 35℃-38℃ and the fermentation process generally takes 40-60 minutes. You can shorten or extend the fermentation time according to the specific room temperature. Third, shape the prefabricated food after the appearance of alveolate pores on the dough. Finally, put the dough in the food steamer or oven after 5-10 minutes.

Instructions for Use
1. Ordinary fermented food
The dosage of Baker's Instant Dry Yeast is 0.3-0.5% of the flour's weight, .i.e., 1.5-2.5g of yeast is added into each 500g flour.
2. Bread
The dosage of yeast is 1.0-1.2% of the flour's weight, i.e., 5.0-6.0g of yeast is added into each 500g flour.

Storing Condition
Store the Baker's Instant Dry Yeast in cool and dry place before opening the package.
Seal up or store in the fridge after opening the package.

Expiration Date
Two years from the date of manufacture under regular storage without opening the package. Make sure you use it within 48 hours after you open the package.

Inner packaging: single vacuumed aluminum foil sachets with heat seal.
Outer packaging: protoplasm cardboard cartons imported from America.
Packaging sachets and cartons are marked with number of items, date of manufacture and expiration date.
Packaging types: 5KG, 500G, 450G, 400G,125G, 100G, 25G, 20G,15G, 12G, 11G,10G.
Package weight criterion: Measures of the People's Republic of China for The Measurement Supervision and Administration of Quantitative Packing Products (Article 75 by central office in 2007)

Transport the Baker's Instant Dry Yeast under cool and dry conditions, keep away from items of strong flavor.


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