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Feed Active Dry Yeast

Our feed active dry yeast is a kind of free-streamlined strip-shaped granule with the diameter being 0.35-0.38MM. It needs temperature control and air drying and is cultivated purely by natural yeast. The constituents include saccharomyces and emulsifier.

Food grade feed active dry yeast

Brand Name
1. Neutral packing
2. Band name proposed by the customer (offer the registration certificate of that brand name)

Quality Criterion
Reach the People's Republic of China's standard on yeast for food processing

Country of Origin

Feed active dry yeast is a kind of instant active dry yeast which uses bio- engineering technology, chooses a fine edible yeast to cultivate and is produced for animal feed. It is a new type of feed additive. Besides the ordinary nutritional function, its special function is instant active dry yeast for feed. It is becoming more and more popular in the feed industry.

Major Advantages
1. Save feed and reduce feed cost
The utilization ratio of feed can be improved if you proportionally add this feed active dry yeast into feed with saccharification function (like corn and bean pulp) and feed of the starch category. As instant active dry yeast is added into the feed, the yeast reproduces quickly in large numbers. Large quantities of feed is then transformed into organic yeast constituents, which not only increase its nutrition content but also save feed and reduce the cost because the enzyme in the yeast can accelerate the digestion and absorption of animals. Generally, you can save 20%-30% feed if you proportionally add this feed active dry yeast into the feed.
2. Improve the immunity of animals
As large numbers of yeast come into being, which turns the general feed into yeast feed, the function of the yeast has been represented clearly. Yeast nucleic acid, polysaccharide and chitosan are very important biological immune constituents, which can reduce the chance of illness, enhance the immune system and increase the survival rate. After about one month's use of this feed active dry yeast into animals' feed, obvious effect can be seen. For example, animals' fur will become glossier, their health condition will greatly improve, they will become fond of exercise and will grow faster. The odor in the barn where animals live will become less pronounced and improve the living environment of the animals.
3. Increase the lean meat of animals, the egg production rate of poultry and milk yield rate of cows.
Feed active dry yeast contains large quantities of biologic protein, Vitamin B, cellulose, amino acid, nucleic acid, chitosan, polysaccharide, glucan and small peptides, etc. The rich nutrition content of yeast is known to all of us. Yeast is of great importance to increase the lean meat of animals, the egg production rate of poultry and promote growth. If you proportionally add this yeast into feed, the lean meat of animals can increased by 20% and the egg production rate of poultry can improved by about 10%-15%.
According to many animal feeding sectors and scientists in and out of China, this product is a promising animal feed additive. The exploit and use of feed active dry yeast has promoted the scientific development of animal feeding, environment protection, resource using and healthy food.

Instructions for Use
1. Mix uniformly with the yeast being 0.1% of the feed's weight and use it directly. (The yeast can be added according to the experience of the user).
2. Add 1g feed active dry yeast into each 1000g feed and add a moderate amount of water. Ferment for one or two hours under 30-38℃ and let the yeast reproduce. The result is best when feeding animals immediately after all these procedures because the effect will be influenced by the pollution of various harmful bacteria is you don't use the feed for a long time.

Adult Cows and Sheep Pigs or Dogs Fish Shellfish Wild Animals
500G-100G 100G-250G 125G-500G 500G-1500G 100G-300G

Major Technical Specifications
1. Protein ≥45%
2. Active cells ≥15billion/g
3. Vitamin B1-B11: 6000ug/g
4. Nucleic acid ≥5%
5. Egosterol: 0.5%-0.8%
6. GSH ≥0.8%
7. Amino Acids ≥30%
8. Water content ≤6%

Storing Condition
Store the feed active dry yeast in a cool and dry place before opening the package.
Seal up or store in the fridge after opening the package.

Expiration Date
Two years from the date of manufacture under regular storage without opening the package. Best when used within 48 hours of opening the package.

Inner packaging: single vacuumed aluminum foil sachets with heat seal.
Outer packaging: protoplasm cardboard cartons imported from America.
Packaging sachets and cartons are marked with number of items, date of manufacture and expiration date.
Packaging types: 5KG, 500G, 450G, 400G, 125G, 100G, 25G, 20G, 15G, 12G, 11G, 10G.
Packaging may be customized per your specific requirements.
Package weight criterion: Measures of the People's Republic of China for The Measurement Supervision and Administration of Quantitative Packing Products (Article 75 by central office in 2007)

Transport the feed active dry yeast under cool and dry conditions, keep away from items of strong flavor.


1.You can conduct a contrast experiment for the first time use. Generally, the quantity of the sample is 100, the experimental period for domestic animals last over 60 days and the experimental period for poultry lasts for one growth cycle. The items that need to be examined include fur glossy rate, lean meat rate, survival rate, illness rate, egg production rate and so on in comparison with the effect of normal feed feeding.
2. In order to guarantee the effect, don't suddenly change the feed mixed with this yeast or use the feed off and on.
3. This feed active dry yeast can't be directly used to feed animals because lots of CO2 will be produced during the activation process of the yeast and bring about a bad effect.

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