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China Dalian Xinghe Yeast Co., Ltd. is a modern private enterprise specialized in manufacturing instant dry yeast. The company is founded in year 1998 and its annual output is 15,000 tons. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world for its stable high quality and fast delivery and competitive price. As a member of China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association, the company becomes the biggest private instant dry yeast manufacturer in China.

Geographical advantages
China Dalian has a favorable geographical location and easy access to transportation facilities. Dalian City owns the international airport, worldwide well-known deep water wharf, convenient highway and railway. This allows our company to quickly transport our instant dry yeast to both domestic and overseas customers.

Our products information
Instant dry yeast is mainly used in pasta fermentation in people's daily life, such as bread, steamed bread, pastry, biscuit, cakes, etc. It's not only a food additive in baking, but also a feed additive in helping animal digestion, high-protein supplement and immunity improvement. As a natural biological product, it becomes more and more popular because of its rich nutrition contents, low cost, convenient storage, and wide usages.
We supply high sugar, low sugar instant dry yeast and active feed dry yeast. Main brands include A-ONE, PROSPER, AOYING, LEQIER and FAST. OEM brands are also acceptable. There are totally 30 different packages varied from 5g to 5kg. We welcome the customers and agents from domestic and overseas for business negotiations.

Why choose us?
China Dalian Xinghe Yeast Co., Ltd. implements strict quality control management system to ensure the quality of instant dry yeast. The company has been certified by HACCP Food Safety Management System (ISO22000:2005), ISO9001 Quality Management System and has received HALAL Certificate.
We use the quality yeast fungus and nutritional sugar beet molasses as the raw material in yeast production. In addition, we adopt auto fermenting machinery, high-tech laboratory equipment and facilities. Due to the tireless efforts of the professional technicians and well-trained workers, we can fulfill the customers' requirements with stable quality, various packages, and fast delivery.
"Soft bread in your mouth, Healthy in your whole life" is our quality feature.
"Friendship and mutual benefit create future together" is our common aspiration.

Main Products
  • Low Sugar Instant Dry Yeast Our low sugar instant dry yeast is granular and yellowish. Its moisture is not more than 5.5%. Its fermentation ability varies from 500 to 700ml/h and its sugar dosage...
  • Sugar Tolerance Instant Dry Yeast Our sugar tolerance instant dry yeast is granular and yellowish. Its moisture is not more than 5.5%. Its fermentation varies from 500 to 700ml/h...
  • A-ONE Instant Dry Yeast A-ONE instant Dry Yeast is a kind of high active dry yeast. It features high fermentation speed and stable quality. A-ONE instant Dry Yeast is used for bread processing...