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1. What kind of pre-sales service do you offer? For example, whether do you offer samples or not? Do you change for samples? Who undertake the freight?
We offer various samples whose weight is less than 1000g for free with postage collect. We also provide inspection reports of domestic and international sectors according to the requirement of the customers and the fees are paid by the customers. If the business turns out to be successful, inspection fees will not be charged.

2. What kind of sales service do you offer, like the supplement of easily-worn components, delivery period (from the date of order)? Please write down clearly the domestic and foreign date of delivery.
If you order less than 20 ton of our brand products, we will deliver our goods in thirty days for domestic business after the down payment is paid and this product will reach in 35 days for foreign business.
If you want to use your brand name on the products in your first order, we will deliver in 35days for domestic business and in 45 days for foreign trade business.
If your order is over 20 ton, the delivery date is decided by the quantity of your order.

3. What kind of post-sales service do you offer? Such as how long can this product be maintained? What kind of service do you offer during the quality guarantee period?
The quality guarantee period of vacuum products is 24 months and that of nitrogen-filled products is 6 months. If there is anything with the products during the quality guarantee period, you can exchange them for free.

4. Do you offer other kinds of services, like the design, customizing, installation and training services.
We will help customers design package, arrange workshop training and offer tele-training.

5. Do you manufacture OEM products?
Yes, we do. But we need you offer the registration certificate of your brand name.

According to the specific situation of your company, we add more information as follows.
About the service and product usage of our company
1. What kind of customers do you orientate? For example, dealers or agents aimed at all the people.
Our domestic customers are dealers of dry products and spices in market places and dealers of spices in supermarkets.
Our foreign customers are mainly dealers of food additive.

2. What kind of terms do you offer, like the minimum order quantity, transportation modes and way of payment?
Terms: FOB, Dalian. CNF and other payment terms at the time of delivery.
The minimum order number order quantity is supplied according to your requirement.
Way of payment: T/T, D/P, down payment 30%; Full payment(letter of credit at sight or time L/C); other ways of payment.

3 What about the specification of the use method of the product? For example, under what circumstance and operation can it reach the perfect effect? Is there anything else that needs notice?
Our instant active dry yeast contains 3~5% water. It is packed by vacuumed or nitrogen-filled aluminium foil sachets and is a kind of yeast product in the state of dormancy. If our product is used during the quality guarantee period, it functions in a certain temperature and water environment. Generally, the environment temperature should be over 20℃,the water temperature should be 35℃~38℃ and the yeast used should be 0.5%~1% of the powder's weight. Mix the power with the yeast uniformly and the fermentation period is better to last for 40~60 minutes. Knead the dough till it turns glossy and slap it with loud sound. You'd better exert yourself to cut the alveolate pores. The time should not be too long for yeast will die and lose its fermentation function if the time is over 90 minutes.

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